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About Us

We are a small group of villagers who have formed a not for profit group to protect  our local greenbelt. Together we have raised money to pay for experts to help to protect the greenbelt from development.

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Monte Blackburn Ltd have now submitted an application for outline planning permission to develop this site as an industrial site with oversized industrial units on greenbelt land at junction 5 m65 .

This will have devastating effects on the surrounding wildlife, traffic, the environment and the community.  

How can you help?
Please send objections via email to:
before the 11th January 2024
Please note any previous objections were against the removal of the land from greenbelt and were not against the planning application so now need to be resubmitted..

We are fundraising to employ a professional experts. If you can, please make a contribution to this important work to help save the future of our community. Click on the Donate tab now. 

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